"Last year when my partner and I adopted a rescue dog  we registered our stray at the dog training facility she was working at and we had the opportunity to have Ginette work with us, and our dog. Her patience, wonderful knowledge, and calm, assertive demeanor was something we could always count on. She carried that through into our personal lives as well, giving constant advice and working with us, and our new pup, in our home. She was always more then happy to share what she knew with us to ensure that we felt confident enough to train our pup properly. I know that if I needed to go to her with anything she would be more than willing to lend a helping hand. I would recommend her to anyone, and everyone. Our one and a half year old has excelled because Ginette is devoted, hardworking, and always keeps the best interest of the animal at heart."

Lane Gagnon

"I had to write and thank you so much for the amazing work you did for me and my "pack". You gave me some real insights into ideas to improve a multi-dog environment. Due to meeting and working with you, I have a stronger foundation to build future relationships with dogs. You were so kind, friendly and patient I really appreciated it."
Shelly R Ladouceur, RMT

"It was amazing how you showed Rolo  to do all those tricks. It was amazing!!!"

Sabrina. Grade 6. Honoré Mercier School

"When ginette came to our school I didn't want to be a veterinarian but she made the topic so interesting, that i'm considering it 

Angelica. Grade 6. Honoré Mercier School 

"It was very interesting!
I thought it was a cool experience and Rolo was well trained! I hope Ginette will come back and visit with Rolo!!"

Erika. Grade 6. Honoré Mercier School 

"I loved it so much!!!!!She had the most interesting things to say!!!! so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Brianna. Grade 6. Honoré Mercier School 

"It was very interesting and educational. You learn a lot about animals, especially Dogs. She knows about animals, life and  behaviours."

Marco. Grade 6. Honoré Mercier School 

Ginette is a top-notch dog trainer.  She immediately established a rapport with our six month old German Shepherd, who instinctively and happily followed her lead.  Ginette provided us with practical tips that made training our puppy seemed effortless.  If you knew how we struggled in the beginning.
Peter & Judy

"Ginette has a wonderful chemistry with dogs! Brandy really enjoyed spending time with her :))"



Thank you Card from Ms Cléo's kindergarten class. Honoré Mercier School.