It's very stressful for an animal to realize it's owner is away for an extended period of time, especially when it is taken out of its familiar environment to be caged up in a kennel. Let our qualified trainer come to your home and take care of your pet where it will be comfortable and happy.

  • minimum two hours of exercise outside the home can be walks, jogs, roller blading, hikes, outings to the dog park
  • lots of play and cuddle time 
  • checking the mail, watering plants
  • feeding, giving medication if needed
  • taking care of other pets in the home (there will be a 10$ charge per additonal dog in the household)
  • giving your house that "lived-in" look
There are no hidden or extra fees. just one flat rate that covers all your needs.

  • minimum visit of 60 minutes
  • feeding and giving fresh water
  • 45 minutes walk
  • giving medications if needed
please note: travelling fees might be added for drop in visits if destination exceeds 15 km.


Pets like cats, reptiles, fish or birds may not need overnight care.

  • feeding
  • visit, cuddling and playing with pets for 30 mins.
  • giving medications
  • watering plants, checking the mail
  • litter: scoop cleaning only

please note: travelling fees might be added for drop in visits if destination exceeds 15 km.


Is your dog out of control? Running your household? Barking at everything that passes by? Chewing on your couch or those expensive shoes? Don't have the time to train him yourself? Then why not let our qualified trainer take care of that while you are away on vacation?

We will come stay at your home and consistently work with your dog to resolve any problem behaviors.

  • minimum two hours of one-on-one training time with your dog
  • establishment of rules and boundaries for your pet
  • consistently reinforcing rules
  • lots of play and cuddle time 
  • checking the mail 
  • watering the plants 
  • taking care of emergencies. 
  • feeding, giving medicating if needed
  • taking care of other pets in the home
  • giving your house that lived in look
  • two hour sessions upon your return for transfer of commands

please note: some behaviors may take longer than others to resolve and may not be eliminated completely if you are only gone for a short period of time. 


Want to get a puppy but don't know where to start?

  • choosing the right breed for your family and lifestyle
  • finding a reputable breeder
  • choosing the puppy with the right temperament
  • house training
  • nutrition
  • the importance of socialization and conditioning
  • establishing rules and boundaries at an early age


Want to make sure your dog or cat is getting the best nutrition for your budget? Your pet has allergies and can't find food that doesn't contain the ingredients making him/her sick?

Leave all the research to us!

Ginette also has 5 years experience as a zoo keeper and has extensive experience taking care of all sorts of exotic animals including birds, lizards, snakes, fish and small mammals. She is also certified in Canine First Aid and Homeopathic First Aid.