Many training options are available! We work with all breeds, all sizes and all temperaments! Here at Dogologue, we believe every dog deserves a chance to prove that they can be well mannered members of society! 


One-on-One individual training ensures you get the help you need as all of our focus and attention is focused on you. We can individualize the training to cater to whatever problem you may have. Whether it be behavioral problems including, barking, pulling on the leash, stealing food, destructive behavior, house training or aggression.  Or if you simply want to teach your puppy or old friend good manners and basic obedience, including, sit, downs, holding positions, walking loosely on leash, outs, waits and recalls. We even teach advanced obedience (distance commands and advanced heal work) and tricks! 

Dogs don't mean to misbehave! Most of the time, lack of exercise and inadvertently rewarding the wrong behaviour creates behavioural issues. Let us show you how to start your pup off right!